Thursday, June 04, 2009

nature & us

if anything, i think e europeans are so much better with their conservation efforts than the asians.

in fact, they actually coexist with nature. e green parks with lush trees & cushiony grass which smells damn nice *ok i stuck my face to e ground & smelled it XD* is a great hangout for all students for studying or chilling out with a beer. ours are in a concrete buildings, canteen/library.

they love gardening, & if possible, herbs for garnishing food or for tea is always from the garden. ours are from supermarts, imported from where we wldn't care. & if one source failed, e govt wld always have other sources of foreign imports so it's e least of our worries.

so if u told them that global warming wld mean plants dying & crazy temperatures, it wld definitely freak them out more than it does to us cus it means a significant inconvenice to their lifestyle.

or maybe in a metroplitan city like sg where we have to specially make an effort to visit nature or when nature is confined to certain areas like parks or in damn ulu places way off e island ie chek jawa, nature to us is just another issue no different from that of the economic depression or if not of less importance.

e sad thing is tt we no longer see nature as being an intergral part of our lifestyle, at least e dependence on nature for food or for a beatiful garden where we cld sit there & laze in e sun is just smthing so foreign.

so maybe sg shld experience a snow storm... then will we know that nature is still e "mother" of earth. at least i can have e chance to make a snowman in sg too hee hee


hui said...

luckily u posted the link to this on ur blog. i lost it long ago. =*(

hui said...

i wan a herb garden.
and a yard for the dogs to run about.

so how..? hv u made up ur mind on migrating? =P