Sunday, June 28, 2009

the swiss

backpacking means waking up at 430am in e morning to cook ur own breakfast so tt u can eat at least smthing healthy n also because ure totally broke cus u screwed 500 francs wanting to give urself e thrill of ur life. i have officially 15 francs left for my accomodation tonight. dinner and breakfast i will cook from wadever i have left.

e swiss are really fanatical abt nature cus they have hiking track of all difficulties labelled out so damn clearly on e road u dun really need a map when u walk. nature is just so overwhelming is switzerland. e mountains e flowers roarrrrr

n u wldnt believe how happy i m not e see clouds today. it means my 100 plus frans is not spent in vain cus i can go to the tallest point in europe which also meanssss SNOW AND PURE WHITE MOUNTAINTS.


paris - london - home....

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Snowbrush said...

I'm so happy that the lack of money isn't getting you down. I've never been to where you are, but I'm sure it's beautiful.