Thursday, March 26, 2009

maybe a packaged tour might be better

i've nvr been so damn hardworking in my life. hahaha. but den again, it's fun as u border b/w kiasuism & not killing ur body by going to so many places of interest in one day. haha like squeezing ten into one day.

and e worse thing is i have tests on tues and i have no time to plan!


i can't wait to get out.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


stupid GSS. i didn't noe it costs money. SRIOUSLY i had no idea at all. i tot when they wrote €900 there it meant ard how much i was going to need when i'm going there.


so now i overshot my budget by S$2000 cus of this €900. i hate europe. HAHA

& lian actually said fuck u when she knew i'm going to darmstadt cus she initially wanted to apply there too.ROAR. sian la. now no travelling partner. haha. i bet we really wanted to go e same places. booohooo

current estimation = ard S$7000 +/-

i'm hoping that it doesn't go up. or else i'll go bankrupt, burst my bloodvessels & kill myself on e mrt tracks even before i go there.

*weeps* i wan monies.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

YOSH! the time starts NOW.

I officially have ten thousand blogs online. HAHA. i think i'm schizoprehnic cus really, my thoughts are all over e place.. like rice... ok wait, like erm.. sand? wadever. *snorts*
this blog is just for me to rant abt my travelling blues, my freaking acne popping up on my face again as a result of my travelling blues & my plans & updates.


I"VE FINALLY BOOKED MY TICKETS! DAMN FREAKING EXPENSIVE TICKETS. HAHA. i'll be flying off on e 5th of May early in e morning @ 7.40. so friggin early. and arrive in london heathrow airport in e evening. YES! LONDON! HAHA. HALF WAY ROUND E WORLD. LARNDON. HOHOHO. merry christmas!

lol so i guess there's really no turning back now. die die also must come back on 3rd of July. so i'll leave this hated island with my hated employee & hope it sinks while i go traveling.

no time to plan now actually. frigging shit. i actually wanted to plan & not study for my exams but i dun wan my dad coming after me after i return. HAHA. so aiyar.planning till later....

this is so bimbo shallow shit. HAHA but i dun care. who e hell wants to read it cept for me.