Friday, May 27, 2011

japan ranting.

japan was last year. may 2010 hokkaido-tokyo-hiroshima-osaka-nagano etc
no earthquake, no radiation. just awesome ppl.

didn't blog abt it here though. supposed to be my travelling blog of some sort
then again, i've given up on ranting and rambling abt what actually happens everyday.
too lazy perhaps
life becomes too crazy if i look @ every detail

i rmb falling sick on e very eve before i set off. had high fever. was burning hell. didn't eat. nearly fainted. i missed graduation. i didn't get to wear the yukata.
that was basically e biggest regret of e trip.
i got to know my sis alot better. albeit e fighting n stuff made us a little more distant for a while but i guess we all learn after we bleed.

im thankful for alan's skype which kept me alive. i'm thankful that he was ard for me to talk to when i just totally didn't get my japanese.

class was ok. i mixed ard with boris alot. but in e end we fought n became e worst of enemies.
childish huh.
guess tt's how fragile we are
n out of my whole europe n japan trip. n only person i've survived well n had fun was with xiaoshan.
pretty amazing. hahaha

come to think of it. i do rmb a lot of things.
but i guess nt here. i'll bore myself off.