Wednesday, June 03, 2009


having no 24h access to e computer & e net means i'm pretty out of touch with e world. so far, my calls home are those tt update me on what's really going on outside. like goh sotong getting chicken pox, air france crashing, singapore having it's first case of swine flu. wadever

darmstadt is a pretty small town.boring would be a word to describe it since it's a town catered mainly for e students of the university of darmstadt. apparently, a majority of e ppl here are students so i guess they wld want their students to study den party.

e only happening big big event was the schloss graben fest. my fren's host happily made me repeat e name "schloss" cus i cldn't pronounce it. it's smthing b.w slosh & shros. suxssssss... germans making fun of my german. XD basically it was insane PARTYING lots of smoking & beer while unknown bands sang angsty songs on stage. no cultural reason behind this fest actually, it's just simply to make money.

meanwhile, german class is great. cus most of e time i'm lost. season 20. wadever. haha. i'm not really into german. thinking of taking french when i come back. yeah. snobbish frenchman.

i wish i cld update more. so much things are happening & have happened. & yeah, despite all e fun, i do miss home. slap me. e ppl espcially. i can't click well with e ppl here so i'm left drifting from one clique to another. got pretty depressed after a while so i'm a loner now. poor poor simin.

maybe i'm just a difficult person to get along with....

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hui said...

u r not difficult to get along with leh.
love u v much. lol!