Sunday, May 10, 2009

the journey so far... i saw frodo in bath :P jk

i'm only gone for 4 days & it's like forever.

london was ok. i felt lost most of the time and if not, i felt like i was racing against time. and honestly, i liked the photos i took on the camera more than what i saw in real life. the weather was pretty dull & friggin cold at night. it's rarely sunny & the ppl there are just very.. metroploitan style. busy, grumpy, caught up in their own world.

most of travelling was done on foot, if not, the metro. good thing i travelled light. haha. so i just have my jacket, t shirt and jeans while my friend wrapped herself up with layers and layers of clothing. they said i looked like a local asian kid hahaha. wadever. i'm getting fat.

my diet consist of cheap food from e sainsbury mart like salad, prawn salad/sandwich is my fav. i eat it almost everyday. topped with jacket potatoes & maybe a chocolate pudding. each cost just ard 2 -3pounds so it's pretty cheap for a meal.


e ppl here are superfriendly.

the town is ancient, so full of history, and travel further down you'll have shire look alike places. it's like middle earth, quiet, away from human civilsation.

n the ctryside is just breathtaking. it's just whole stretches of green fields and the bright blue sky, occasionally dotted with a small cottage or a burst of red or yellow foilages.

i wish i could stand there.

it wld just be me, the earth & the sky...

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zihui said...

looks great!